Monday, 23 February 2015

Winter Series finale

Wet ? Nah.
Big respect to all of you for braving the most hideous conditions we've seen since .... er ... the last time we had hideous conditions.
Congratulations to Derek, Marcus, Joe, Shayne, Matt, Jeff & (I suppose) Pete, for taking the overall Winter Series honours. There were standout performances through the grid - great stuff.
Many thanks to Luke for snapping away regardless, Sallee for putting up with my tantrums .......... and as always .......... let's not forget the marshals.
So ........... that was the first EPS Winter Series that was.
Onwards and upwards starting 29th March.
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Saturday, 14 February 2015

EPS Winter Series final rounds

Sunday 22nd February - Rounds 5 & 6 entries -
Alverstone Autos #10
Autotekk #15
Balljoint #92
Every pole's a goal ! #7
HRS Racing #69
Iggy & Gibb #77
Kiss My Grass Racing #52
Mslaren #82
Prokart Eng #25
Prokart Eng 2. #6
RN1 #45
RN2 #98
Team Gaffa #23
TimTom #33
Tonto Adcastle #32
Team Wraith #4
West Whiting Racing #48
Wildcard Racing #16
Please see Final Instructions/Timetable ---------------------------------->
See you there !

Friday, 6 February 2015

EPS 2015 news

*Don't forget Rounds 5 & 6 of the EPS Winter Series on the 22nd.*
In case you forgot, the eight-round 2015 EPS kicks off on 29th March. As previously hinted, two of these will be 4.5hr races (June & August), the rest will be 3hr.
OK ......... for the 2015 EPS, a class system as detailed below, will be applied -
1. At the commencement of the Series, the entire entry will be split into 2 classes.
2. They will be named the Elite Class (10 teams), and the Premier Class.
3. The make-up of these classes will be determined by the Organiser from the previous season's results and other criteria at his discretion.
4. In an attempt to avoid the anomalies and sometimes injustices, of a system where the classes are 'carved in stone' at the beginning, with no changes being possible .........  this will be slightly different.
Overall race points will be scored as before, and there will still be one overall Series champion.
The Class system will apply on a race to race basis only, with the closeness of the mid-field resulting in intense competition over positions at the cut-off point !  See below -
5. Qualifying will be exactly as before, with a mix of both classes through the grid.
6. Following each race, the final three finishers in the Elite class, will be 'demoted' to the Premier class for the next round.
7. Following each race, the first three finishers in the Premier class will be 'promoted' to the Elite class for the next round.
8. At each race, the first three finishers in the Elite class will receive trophies ................... as will the first three finishers in the Premier class.
Elite runners are as follows -
Alverstone Autos, Autotekk, Balljoint, Grassroots Racing, LG Racing, Prokart Eng.1, Prokart Eng.2, Team Wraith, VKR, West Whiting Racing.
(There will be, on occasion, additions to this at the Organiser's discretion - eg Xcel Racing ......... or Jenson & Lewis pitching up). 
When you've read this about 27 times, I hope you agree with me that it adds a bit of spice to proceedings. 

Monday, 2 February 2015

Great bit of video

With many thanks to the HRS boys.
Look forward to seeing you all for the final 2 rounds of the Winter Series, Sunday 22nd February.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

EPS Winter Series Rounds 3 & 4.

Photo courtesy Luke Massey.

A fantastic turn-out on a slightly nippy January Sunday. Great racing as always with hard-fought prokart-trains the order of the day, with the honours going to Autotekk, Xcel, Balljoint and Wraith ......... and a free entry for Rounds 5 & 6 won by the matelots. 
Congratulations to everybody for suffering the usual catalogue of ups and downs with good humour .......... and thanks to all the backroom guys.

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Sunday, 11 January 2015

Winter Series Rounds 3 & 4 - 18th January

Great winter turn-out for Rounds 1 & 2 in December .... both rounds won by Xcel Motorsport, with strong showings by pretty well everyone.

We're expecting a similar, if not larger, grid for next Sunday's races ...........

Mslaren #82...
Prokart Eng #26
Prokart Eng 2 #6
HRS Racing #69
Alverstone Autos #10
Team Wraith #4
SC Racing #17
KissMyGrass Racing #52
Lindford Auto Repairs #86
Balljoint #92
Autotekk #15
RN KT 1 #45
RN KT 2 #98
Tim Tom Racing #33
West Whiting Racing #48
Xcel Motorsport #83
Iggy & Gibb #77

Cosa Nostra #99

A couple of teams (not listed above) are still to confirm their driver signings .....

You'll find the Final Instructions/Timetable on the right -------------------------->
Timing is tight of course, and I know for some it can be a challenge, but there you go.

Please take time to read the Rules & Regulations (on the right) in case you're not sure of the odd 'detail' here and there ........... for example, to confirm that all drivers have to qualify.
Let's not have any embarrassing moments !

Sunday, 21 December 2014