Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Endurance Prokart Series

Round 3 - EPS 2016 - 5hr.

Hi folks .... well in my book, a 5hr race seems to work, I hope you agree.

Probably one of the closest finishes ( 0.647 secs after 5hrs !) in prokart history, with the usual frantic endurance-racing- paddock-action, and some fantastic battles coming and going - it was very 'busy' at times.
I hope you appreciated the weather-engineering, with a quick heavy shower just to shake things up a bit.

A massive thumbs up to Kartforce - a pleasure to have you guys - impeccable preparation and driving.

Also a nod to 2fat 1furious & Prototype Electronics ...... again, an superb effort having jumped in at the deep end.

Many thanks to Sallee and Luke for all their help ............. and of course the pictures - click here.

And ditto to Ian, Chris & Lee Rennison, Nigel Payne, Jamie Robinson ..... and all the marshals.

All in all, an superb day's racing. Proper.

Monday, 16 May 2016

Endurance Prokart Series

EPS Round 3, Sunday 22nd May, 

Entries looking like this ..........

Alverstone Autos #10
Autotekk #15
Brodys #66
Calamity Karting #177
Grassroots Racing #46
Happy Racing #6
Mslaren #82
Phat 32 #38
Prawn GP #22
Prokart Eng #26
Team Alpha #8
Titan Motorsport #99

2fat 1furious #40
AEC Racing #19
AGR #24
AM-GP #51
ENRG #58
Every Pole's a Goal #7
Kartforce 1 #84
Kartforce 2 #85
Prototype Electronics #14
Shakey Racing #67
Waterboys #50
WWF Racing #63

The story so far -

AND ......................don't forget Clay's superb new foodery -

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Endurance Prokart Series

Round 2 EPS 2016

 A sunny day, some stunning lap-times, loads of close racing ......... what's not to like.

Elite honours went to Autotekk, Team Alpha & Titan Motorsport.

Premier honours to Brodys, Happy Racing & VKR.

Mslaren walked away with a shiny  new set of wheels courtesy of our friends at 

For 100s of action pics courtesy of Sallee & Luke please click the 'Gallery' link on the right.

See below for all the results, and for more in-depth analysis & data click here for all the Alpha Tiiming stuff.

See you all 22nd May for the 5hr.

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Endurance Prokart Series

EPS 2016, Round 2, 24th April.

This is a general idea of Sunday's entry.

AEC Racing #97
Alverstone Autos (S) #10

Autotekk (S) #15
Balljoint (S) #92
Calamity Karting #177
C3POdium #76
Grassroots Racing (S) #46
Mslaren #82
Prawn Gp #22 
Prokart Eng 1 (S) #26
RN TimTom #33 
Team Spectre #18
Titan Motorsport (S) #99
VKR #44

AGR #24
Amigos #32
AM-GP #51
Brodys #66
ENRG #58
Every Pole's a Goal #7
Happy Racing - AHL #6
Iggy & Gibb #2
Phat 32 #38
Shakey Racing #67
WWf Racing #63

See you there !

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

EPS Round 1 27th March 2016

For all the pictures from Round 1, click the 'Gallery' button on the right.

Well, Round 1 of the 'Summer Series' was ... er .... interesting.
Thanks a lot Storm Katie, don't feel you have to rush back anytime soon.

Well done to all.
Far too many outstanding performance to mention ....... and all the trials and tribulations borne with the teams' usual fortitude and good humour .

Many thanks to Kart Components, Prokart Engineering and the Easter Bunny for prizes ....... and Sallee, Luke, Nige, Lee R and all the marshals for making the whole day run as smoothly as it did.

Monday, 7 March 2016

Endurance Prokart Series 2016

EPS 2016 Updates.

Elite & Premier classes -
I think that you're all clear on why we run this arrangement, and I'd like to think that it has by and large worked, and been popular.
It does however have one anomaly - ie when a particular Elite team, having had a bad day and been demoted, is pretty much a shoe-in for a Premier win at the next round ..... which perhaps isn't altogether fair.
So for 2016, there will be a number (6 or 7) of 'seeded' teams. If one of these teams has one of the above-mentioned bad days, then that team won't be demoted, ie only 2 Elites will, but 3 Premier teams will be promoted as before.
I just want to wait a bit until I've got a better idea of numbers, who's doing what, driver line-ups and so on before I make the regal pronouncement.

I realise that this system is unusual, but I sincerely feel that overall it's preferable to a 'set-in-stone' split, with podiums (podia ?) almost being 'nailed-on' month on month.
So, for now, I'm continuing with the 'Pleasing Most of the People Most of the Time' option.

Calendar & race durations.
6 rounds will be 3hr @ £145.00.
2 rounds (May & August) will be 5hr @ £180.00. These will have a minimum of 3 mandatory pit-stops ............ the question is, can you stretch your fuel and make one of the stops a quick driver change only, or a splash and dash, or  ................ 
I may throw in a bit of a midsummer madness in June or July ...... I'll ask first !

Please note that (at this time), there's a delay on delivery of the 2016 engine-checking tools. In the meantime, please be aware that, pre-race & in post race parc-ferme, I will be looking very closely at ignition timing, exhausts (ports & box), carb bores, and other seemingly trivial yet regulated items like spark plugs, air box, fan-blades, and the like.
If you're not sure where you are on this, please consult the regs - they're very clear ....... or ask.
Also, if you haven't got a 7.5 litre (max) fuel tank, please take this opportunity to fit one. Neither 'ballasting' a larger tank, or filling the tank to an 'agreed' level, are very satisfactory ...... and I will badger you until we're right.

See you all on Sunday 27th ........... less than 3 weeks folks.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Endurance Prokart Series 2015/16 winter.

One of the great battles of the day.

Hit the 'Gallery' link on the right for more great pics.

Hi folks ...... a great finale of the EPS 2015/16 Winter Series.

Wonderful support from 20 teams per round, with the overall spoils going to Autotekk (Atom), HRS-BIZ and Team Wraith (7Kart).
With Wright chassis in the next 5 places, and taking wins, it makes chassis choice difficult eh ?  ........... engine tuner choice maybe a little easier though !

Many thanks to Jamie (Prawn GP) & Lee (Iggy & Gibb) for juggling driving AND timing duties until Nigel got back from his MSA course.

In the next week or so, I'll be along with what's what for the 'Summer' Series ...... race durations, class structure tweaks, regs tweaks ...... all that stuff.

So ............ Sunday 27th March - see you there (and don't forget the Saturday IKR sprint races - make a weekend of it ! ).

Click the images to enlarge.