Thursday, 15 March 2018

Prokart Racing

EPS meanderings by A. Prokarter.

With the EPS winter climax a misty memory, we look back further to the Summer Series gone, and then look forward to what the 5th EPS Summer Series has in store!

With 3 different race lengths planned on multiple dates for the duration of the series, different strategy calls should shake things up a bit, with the complexity of fuel saving, or not needing to brim the tank presenting more opportunities for teams to gain or lose in the pits or on the pit-wall, as well as the track.

Last year’s Summer series saw Joe, Joseph and Jamie succeed yet again in the Autotekk machine, but they didn’t have it their own way with 2nd place Titan Motorsport boys, Jack, Andy, Ed &  winning the last 3 races on the trot. Only 3 times did the team who qualified first take the top step of the podium, with some nailbiting racing up front.

The Balljoint crew Steve, Lee & Dirt will soon be back in Bizniss, having moved back to Biz over the winter series. They'll be looking to achieve some consistency after a difficult 2017 finishing 9th, hopefully taking a leaf from Grassroots Rob, who after debuting an additional driver in 2017 had a return to form in their 7kart, and the longer races should suit them.

The Wright Army showed determined promise too in 2017. Jeff and that other bloke at Prokart Engineering had a season long battle with Grassroots finishing 7 points adrift. The HRS boys Danny & Kurt updated their equipment and proceeded to finish strongly, look forward to seeing them again soon. Atkins pere et fils, ably aided by Sam at AEC Racing showing strong performance in the wet.  Another Dad & Lad team Marcus and Reece also went new and finished 5th, with their wet performance hilariously immortalised on KartBandit.

The promotion/relegation battle proved busy last year.
The EPS class system meant 16 (sixteen) different teams went home with a Premier class trophy, with no team winning one more than twice, showing that teams wot go down, don’t necessarily go straight back up.

Having multiple premier podiums between them this year, Happy Racing/AHL and AM-GP have had a driver shake up for 2018, with Guy moving from AM-GP into Gentleman Jim's #6 squad, in return Alan Manton has made experienced endurance racer Charles Boniface, who races with him in Clay Hire-kart Endurances, a permanent fixture for the Generation Gap stable. 

MSLaren added to their trophy cabinet too. Having won unofficial best livery ever, least time spent in the pitlane ever, and most appearances in EPS ever, improved from their 9th in 2016 to 6th in 2017. Chris, Stewart and Chris continue to break records.

Calamity Racing, who changed their name to Chocolate Frog Racing leaped from 12th to 10th in their 3rd full season, 3 points ahead of the home engineers of CET who had a very strong first season on their holidays from chassis-bashing at Rye,

WWF Racing, one of the few teams to appear on the premier podium twice book-ended the year celebrating a class podium (a team we’d like to see more of). 

Another team celebrating a strong first season were Barkers racing, finishing 12th overall with 6 rounds completed, Greystone and Redbank Racing who led for part of the winter series showed well after their first season out of the traps.

Another theme for the year ahead is how high up will the 4 BTM Racing teams get in 2018, after a stunning debut winter series. The project born out of the Bristol & Gloucester karting scene have impressed with their speed, prep …….. and with their juniors, a couple of whippets that could trouble the elite boys, trophies await.

So lets roll onto the year ahead, with thoughts wondering onto preparation, budgets and "how exactly do I save 30minutes of fuel over 3 stints", "blimey, these races are long, I need another driver", "hey, I want to race EPS but I'm too afraid to ask someone if they have a seat spare, even though the organiser who has a track record of putting people into karts and sorting out people who have karts with people who want to rent a seat".

We look forward to seeing ENRG again this year – Rob as always working hard to put new bums on seats.
Similarly, Shakey Racing , Prototype Electronics, Ian Wells and all the other EPS-ers.

Mark Beaumont (esteemed Rye race-coordinator) is threatening to come and show us how it’s done with the Custom Rods crew ……. and of course EPS will always welcome the other Rye-guys, Shayne, Roy, Bri, Mupp et al.

Burning questions :-
Will Jamie and Daren in PrawnGP come back fighting to be the fastest Wright in White; will The NarroMello Effort keep the same name all season; will Pete wear that skirt again and if he does will someone lock him in the ladies loos; will anyone usurp MsLaren's livery bling, or rock up in custom suits whiter than Autotekk's; who will be the first to pay up for round 1.
Answers on a postcard.

Mr. A. Prokarter

Sunday, 11 March 2018

Prokart Racing

Right then

EPS 2018 Round 1 – the first three of umpteen hours eps track action this year.

Firstly, I’m very pleased to confirm support for the fourth year from Kart Components.
At every round we will have a draw for some of their quality stuff – wheels, hubs, axles, carriers, etcetc.

Below is my monthly crack at Sunday’s entry.
There’ll probably be some ins & outs, and I’ve taken a couple of encouraging liberties, so we’ll see.

We’re back to normal running after the Winter Series – so don’t forget to bring fuel for your morning’s running, (quali and race fuel is included in your entry), minimum two stops, take a look at the timetable on the website. Any questions give me a shout.

AEC Racing #41
Autotekk #1
B.T.M. Jnrs #88
Balljoint #92
Dad & Lad #21
Generation Gap #51
Grassroots Racing #46
Happy Racing #6
Mslaren #82
Prokart Eng #26
Titan Motorsport #99

B.T.M. 12  #12
B.T.M. 2  #77
Chocolate Frog Racing #09
Cobra #42
ENRG #58
ENRG 2 #38
Gainful Employment #70
GI Services #73
Greystone Racing #40
WWF Racing #63

Just to add, on a personal note, I’m stepping very slightly sideways from ‘race-directing’ on the day.
I want to streamline the effort a bit. I’m finding it increasingly difficult (and frustrating) to be in two places at once, and also, tbh I want to enjoy the racing a bit more – even maybe get out there !
So, Danny Morgan, a prokart stalwart for years, whom some of you may know, will be, in most aspects, running the day.
I’ll still be very much front and centre, certainly watching the tech aspects a bit more, available to all (!) and your first line of contact.

See you there.

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Prokart Racing

Photo shows Mr Joe Higgins in the Autotekk steam-driven kart circa 1822.
(Courtesy Mr James Patten.)

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Endurance Prokart Series

So, there we are, our fourth Winter Series ………. dramatic and fun I’d say.

If anybody has an opinion on the reverse-grid thing, share it, and then pre-next WS we’ll take a vote on it. IMHO, the weather played it’s part, but certainly the 3rd one (last Sunday) was a blast.

Many congratulations to the Titan Motorsport guys Andy, Jack, Ed & Owen  …… Joe, Joe & Jamie of Autotekk ......... and Matt, Mark & Sam, for their championship success.

I’m not going to pick anybody else out, just to say fantastic commitment, enthusiasm, preparation and driving skill from everybody …………… and the permanent good humour and camaraderie.
Having said that …….. a quick shout out for the Mslaren boys Chris, Chris & Stewart with their always immaculate kart. I make that 55 races on the trot, with a miniscule number of retirements. Top job.

As always, many thanks to Luke, Sallee, Lee, CPR, Nigel, and all the marshals ……….. and Will for strapping on his camera ……. and first-aid guru Paul for giving me (and all of us) a warm feeling in an always-ready-for-a-medical-emergency sense ……. and JJ for freebies.

OK, so the 2018 Series kicks off on Sunday 18th March with a 3hr.
Online entry, timetable and all sorts on here ………. back to fuel stops and all that.
This year, in case you didn’t know, we’ll have 3 x 3hr, 3 x 4.5hr, & 2 x 5hr races, so it should be a fun season.

Wanna get involved - ask - I don't bite.

See you soon.

Sunday, 4 February 2018

Thursday, 25 January 2018

Endurance Prokart Series

EPS Winter Series Rounds 3 & 4.

Scores of pictures from a moist Clay now up online.

Next race-day for your diaries - Sunday 18th February.
Rounds 5 & 6.