Monday, 22 June 2015

Endurance Prokart Series

Round 4 - 21st June 2015

Well, our first longer distance race produced constant multi-lap 3/4/5/6-kart battles right up to the chequered flag - great stuff.
I'm personally really pleased to see yet more different teams going home with some silverware, and the 'league' system adding to the interest for the next round ............... 26th July.

Many thanks as usual to the team of Sallee, Luke, Nigel (and Jamie R), Lee and all the marshals ........... and Jeff Johnson for donating the raffle items ....................... and a VERY special mention for efforts beyond the call of duty by Steve Foster & Nick (Dirt) Walker for retrieving one of the fuel-rig nozzles from the Balljoint fuel tank - saved my bacon !


Sunday, 14 June 2015

Endurance Prokart Series

Entries for Round 4 - 21st June - 4.5hr.

Autotekk #15
Balljoint #92
Brody's #66
Grassroots Racing #46
Prokart Eng. #26
Team Wraith #4
Wildcard Racing #16

Alverstone Autos #10
Calamity Karting #177
ENRG #58
Every Pole's a Goal #7
Force Fabrications #9
GI Services #73
HRS #69
Iggy & Gibb #77
Mslaren #82
RN McNash #87
Phat 32 #32
Prokart Eng. 2/AHL #6
RN TimTom #33
Royal Navy Kart Team #45
Skidmarx #TBA
Starship #36
Team Shammond MF #76

Click on the buttons for the timetable and online entry --------------------------->>

Weather looks good - see you there, bright and early.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

GX160 engine

Hi everyone.

I would point you at an announcement made today by the MSA which may be in your interest to pay heed to.

A couple of engine tuners are intimating that their engines are inspected by an MSA representative prior to delivery - and therefore the customer can rest assured that they are fully legal.
The latter point may or may not be true ...... the former is definitely not.

The MSA announcement -
"Some engine preparers may claim that their engines have been inspected and approved by an MSA scrutineer, either prior to a race event or as a precursor to a sale. The fact is that no MSA Official endorses any engine products. A scrutineers function is primarily to ascertaining compliance with the relevant regulations at a race event.”

To my knowledge, there are only one or two EPS runners with engines from these companies.

I would make it clear that I'm not advocating one engine builder over another, just asking you to be aware of the MSA statement, and what the engine builder/seller tells you.

You probably wouldn't want to be embarrassed at parc-ferme scrutineering.


Monday, 1 June 2015

Endurance Prokart Series 2015 Round 3

Round 3 was very 'busy' (!), with even more teams joining us, all of whom are on a very steep learning curve ........ keep at it guys, you're doing brilliantly.
And it was good to have 3 Kartforce karts along.
There were countless examples of great comebacks and drives - far too many to mention - you know who you are.
Altogether, Prokart endurance racing at it's very best.
Put  21st June  in your diary for the  4.5hr  Round 4 ....... coming up fast ! 

Many thanks as usual to Sallee, Luke, Nigel, Lee, Jamie and all the (very hard working) marshals.

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Round 3 Endurance Prokart Series

Might be a couple of ins and/or outs, but this what entries are looking like for Round 3, Sunday 31st May.
Alverstone Autos
Grassroots Racing
Prokart Eng
Prokart Eng 2/AHL
SC Racing
Calamity Karting
Every Pole's a Goal
Force Fabrications
GI Services
Iggy & Gibb
Kartforce 1
Kartforce 2
Kartforce 3
Kiss My Grass
RN TimTom
Royal Navy Kart Team 1
Starship Enterprise
Team Shammond MF
Team Wraith
Wildcard Racing

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Endurance Prokart Series Rnd 3

Round 3 - Sunday 31st May.
Entries are coming in .............. who else is up for it then ?
Give me a shout, or enter online ------------------------------->
Our post-race raffle this month will be for a shiny brand new set of Bridgestone YDS !

Monday, 27 April 2015

Round 2 EPS 2015

Round 2.

Another great advert for Prokart endurance racing, good stuff.

Great to see Derek back, and in better nick than the Wraith kart evidently.
Great to see the Cowpers
Great to see more new teams, with Force Fabrications & GI Services handling it brilliantly.
Great to see
Rob Sutherland actually driving.
Great to see the stick-at-it-ness by 2 or 3 teams against all odds.
Great to see RN
TimTom benefiting from some Prokart Engineering-ness.
Great to see a lot of really nice looking karts out there.
Great to see the class system mixing it up, with yet more teams going home with the silverware.

Congratulations to Autotekk, Grassroots, Alverstone, SC Racing, PKEng2/AH, & ENRG taking the spoils.

Keep it up everyone, onwards and upwards .........

Click to enlarge.
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Many thanks to the Rennisons, Sallee, Luke, Nigel Payne, Jamie Robinson and all the marshals ......... and the Clay Kart Shop for prize donations.