Sunday, 24 August 2014

EPS Round 5

Round 5 - 31st August
Runners and riders for next weekend ........ if you're on the list and ain't coming - please tell me ....... if you're not on the list, and are coming - please tell me.
Great to see more new teams joining us ..... SK Racing blowing off the cobwebs, and Cosa Nostra joining us from over the Severn Bridge ....... and possibly, dare I say, the Duffetts ?
Oh, I just did.
 A couple of other things ....
Mike at Clay Kart Shop (01935 83942) has tyres in stock.
Final Instructions and timetable - >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Alverstone Autos #10
Autotekk #15
Balljoint #92
Brody Composites #66
BRT #77
Cosa Nostra #99
Emerald Cat Racing #32
ENRG #58
FART #27
Fox Shoe Racing #11
Grassroots Racing #46
Kiss My Grass Racing #52
mslaren #82
Prokart Eng #26
Prokart Eng 2 #6
Royal Navy 1 #98
Royal Navy 2 #45
SC Racing #17
Shoestring Racing #14
SK Racing #111
Starship Enterprise #36
Team Gaffa #23
Three Muskarteers #7
VKR #44
WWR #48
Why So Serious #37


Thursday, 21 August 2014

Endurance Prokart Series Round 5

Round 5 is coming up fast, and entries are coming in, so get yours in please - >>>>>>>>>>>>

If you're not a Paypal-type .......... please let me know what you're up to.

Round 4 was a cracker, with close battles over the three hrs ..... right up to the last 3 minutes !

One change for Round 5, which I'll re-iterate at Drivers' Briefing, is that we're going to run both fuel rigs at once, ie 2 karts at once when necessary.
This will necessitate a slightly different procedure ie 1. The marshal will not be replacing the fuel-cap - you will do it, and 2. It will be absolutely mandatory that a fire extinguisher is manned by a team member - the fuel marshal will not do his bit until he sees that happen .............. OK ?

Just to let you know, the Winter Series is definitely looking like a goer - December 14th, January 18th & February 22nd.
Something like this -
9.30 to 11.00 - practice,
11.00 to 12.00 - qualifying and tea drinking etc,
12.00 to 15.00ish - race.
With the usual fantastic value for money of course !
I'll have more details soon, at which point I'll need to know who's up for it.

I'm very pleased to say that there are a lot of people showing interest in doing the Summer & Winter series - if you're one of them, don't be shy to ask advice or whatever ...... if you're an old stager, please continue to offer that help and advice as you have been doing .... it's great to see a paddock filled with people who aren't over-burdened in the ego department. Let's keep it like that.

Everything you need to know should be on here somewhere, plus intelligent, urbane, witty and not at all occasionally puerile stuff on our Facebook page.

See you on the 31st.

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Video of Round 4 Endurance Prokart Series

Many many thanks to Caitlin Lees-Massey for the hours and hours of filming and editing.
Great stuff.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Endurance Prokart Series positions after Round 4, and pictures.

Pictures of Round 4 are now up - many thanks to Luke Massey & Sallee Lees.

Series positions after Round 4 disregarding dropped scores.

Click on image to enlarge.

Round 5 - 31st August.

Monday, 28 July 2014

Endurance Prokart Series Round 4

Round 4

Another great days racing with some really strong drives right through the field ......... and some desperately bad luck for others.
Well done to those who battled all the odds to fix their karts and get back in the race - a part of what endurance racing is all about - unfortunately for Shayne & Matt and Alverstone Autos they didn't have a chance to react with 3 minutes to go, and just too much to do for Why So Serious and The Three MusKARTeers.

As I said at Drivers' Briefing, all the aspects of race-procedure .... formation lap, racing, lapping, pitstops, etcetc ............ pretty well exemplary ....... as is your general on-the-ballness, which helps us keep to the timetable ............... thanks and keep it up.

To also confirm, for the final 3 rounds, no changes, no surprises and no getting carried away  ..... as you were.

As for next year, I can see that opinions are pretty split on longer duration races, with debatably the clincher being cost.
I for one wasn't suggesting anything other than keeping the majority at 3hrs, with maybe a couple of longer races. One duration not mentioned is 4.5 hrs, which might be an option.
Anyway ......................

OK - Winter Series - firstly and very importantly, I will need to get some pretty firm feedback from you all on how many teams are up for it.
If it's 'yes' - tell me. If it's 'no' - tell me. Basically, I want a very small 'maybe' list !
The calendar would be ........
Rnd 1 - 14th December, Rnd 2 - 18th January,  Rnd 3 - 22nd February.
I doubt very much if these dates are moveable - Clay's a busy old place at the moment.
Lastly, there WILL be surprises for the Winter Series, which will be revealed when I get some feedback ...................

Many thanks again to Jeff at Prokart Engineering for donating essential consumables at prize giving ............. and a big thanks to F1-247 for their kind contributions - click here for their eBay shop. 

Sallee & Luke - not possible without you. Ta.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

EPS Round 4 entries

The entry list for Round 4 Sunday 27th July looking something like this at the moment - 

Alverstone Autos #10
Autotekk #15
Balljoint #92
Brody Composites #66
BRT #77
Emerald Cat #32
ENRG #58
FART #27
Grassroots #46
Kiss my Grass #52
KRN #55
mslaren #82
mywebchat #60
Prokart Eng #26
Prokart Eng 2 #6
Royal Navy #45
SC Racing #17
Starship #36
3 Muskarteers #7
WWR #48
Why So Serious #37

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Endurance Prokart Series Round 4

Round 4 ............... 27th July.

Final instructions/timetable on the right  ---------->>>>>>

OK everyone, get those entries in - online entry procedure on the right ---------->>>>>>

3 hour test ..... 30 minutes qualifying ..... 3hr race - £145.00 (incl qualy & race fuel).
30 minutes qualifying ..... 3hr race - £125.00 (incl qualy & race fuel).

Fantastic track-time per quid. 

And fun, fun, fun.