Tuesday, 28 October 2014

2014 Endurance Prokart Series


Many many thanks to -
The EPS team of Sallee Lees, Luke Massey, Caitlin L-M, Simon Whitty, Jamie Robinson, Nigel Payne.
The CPR team of Chris, Ian & Lee Rennison, and Alan Mills/all the marshals.
Many thanks as well to -
Jeff Johnson, Clay Kart Shop and F1-247 for donating prizes.
Steve Grose, & Jeff Johnson for unstinting help, advice & encouragement.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Endurance Prokart Series 2014 final round.

Final round 2014.

Sunday 26th October.

Entries so far .........

Alverstone Autos
Brody Composites
Cosa Nostra
Emerald Cat Racing
Fox Shoe Racing
Grassroots Racing
Kiss My Grass Racing
Prokart Eng
Prokart Eng 2
SC Racing
Starship Enterprise
Team Gaffa
The Hogwarts Express
The Three MusKARTeers
West Whiting Racing

Online entry --------->>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

For your diaries -

EPS Winter Series 2014/2015 dates -

14th December

18th January

22nd February

EPS 2015 dates - 8 rounds -

29th March

26th April

31st May

21st June

26th July

30th August

27th September

25th October

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Endurance Prokart Series round 6


Round 6 EPS

Lots of pictures now online .

Click here

Also, please see below the results of qualifying and the race, plus the Series points standings with one round to go.

Final round - 26th October.

Click image to enlarge
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Round 6 was another good 'un, with many thanks to Sallee, Luke, Lee R, Jamie R, Nigel P, Simon W, all the marshals ............. and again, many thanks to F1-247 for donating the prizes.

See you all soon.

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Round 6 EPS 28th September

Hi everyone - provisional entries for the 28th listed below.

Good to see returning Teams, Quattro & Wraith, and welcome to three new teams TimTom Racing, The Hogwarts Express & Good Times Roll.

Final Instructions/Timetable -------------------------------->>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Autotekk  #15
Balljoint  #92
Brody Composites  #66
Cosa Nostra  #99
Emerald Cat  #32
ENRG  #58
FART  #27
Good Times Roll  #35
Grassroots  #46
Kiss My Grass  #52
Mslaren  #82
Prokart Eng  #26
Prokart Eng 2  #6
SC Racing  #17
SK Racing #111
Starship Enterprise  #36
Team Gaffa  #23
Team Quattro  #88
Team Wraith  #4
The Hogwarts Express  #71
Three MusKARTeers  #7
TimTom Racing  #33
VKR  #44
WWR  #48
Why So Serious  #37

See you there.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

EPS Winter Series

Round 6, 28th September.
Entries are coming in, so if you haven't already .............. please enter, or let me know what you're up to.
Online payment by Paypal ------------------ >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
EPS Winter Series 2014/15.
14th Dec 2014, 18th January 2015, 22nd February 2015.
Raceday format.
Two x 1.5hr races.
30 minutes between races, for you to .....
Re-fuel (your fuel - you do it), warm up, dry out, faff about.
Provisional timetable.
09.00 onwards - signing on.
09.30 to 11.00 - Practice, scrutineering.
11.00 to 12.00 - 30 mins qualifying, drivers' chinwag, etc.
12.00 to 15.30 - Races.
15.30 on - prizegiving etc.
The grid for Race 2, will be the finishing positions of Race 1.
Min 2 pit-stops per race.
Same regulations.
Cost. - £105.00 per team.
This will actually be 6 rounds with 5 to count, and trophies for both races.
Please bear in mind that I have a minimum grid figure in mind here to make it
do-able ........... so speak to me folks !

Friday, 5 September 2014

Round 5 pics

Round 5 pictures are now uploaded for your delectation and download.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Round 5 notes.

Great racing - great weather - happy smiling people.

A few notes arising from round 5.

Driving standards- it amazes me quite frankly that we don't have a multiple pile-up on every lap, and it's a testament to your skills that we don't.

We all do this lark because needlepoint just doesn't cut it, but inevitably there will be issues ............... it's very difficult to please all the people all the time.
The whole thing is based on gentlemanly (and gentlewomanly) conduct, and common-sense - which is why, 98.953% of the time, it works and it would be great if we can keep it that way.
One comment - if you get out of shape, run wide or whatever, expect someone else to come underneath you - please use your loaf as you gather it all back up.

Adherence to the Rules & Regulations. Again, scrutiny of this is done with a light touch, the default position is that you will race, and you will run to the regs whilst doing so.
As I hope you know, the top three at all 5 rounds have been examined for various aspects ... sprockets, ignition timing, wheel-base, carburettors, tyres and so on .... and have been found 100% legal in those respects, and those teams are happy to go through this (sometimes lengthy) process - I thank them for their good-natured co-operaion.
In future, I may well randomly grab a midfield runner or two .......

Pit-lane speed. We all must be very conscious of others off track, and on the whole common-sense is prevailing, but somebody nearly taking me off at the ankles (Sunday) probably wasn't a great idea.
Any more off this malarkey and I will put chicanes in the pit-lane. Seriously.
And by the way .......... the pit-lane is one-way (yes we saw you *********).

Driving karts in the paddock. As you all know, this is a no-no, however I do understand that it's a pain. So ...... please use trolleys as the default, but if you really must drive your karts please do so at ab-so-bloomin'-lutely walking pace, with special regard to entering/exiting the pit-lane at either end.

Fuelling. With a couple of tweaks, the two bowser approach will work well. Just one comment to make - the default position for the marshals is brimming the tank, however it's up to you to explain exactly what you want ................. perhaps mark the tank and say 'up to the mark' or whatever.

One of the most important parts on the kart is the transponder. If it doesn't work, or it's not charged or something, you're in big trouble - it could be the end of your day.
This is your responsibility.

I'm not going to labour the point as it's a bit obvious, but if something is bolted to the kart ..... make sure it ain't going to fall off.
Transponders, cameras, chain-guards, ballast, spanners, screwdrivers (!) .......... and don't get me going on spare chains ....... Gordon Bennett.
Let's try and avoid a Massa-type thing eh ?

Stay cool and see you all 28th September.

Many thanks to Jeff at Prokart Engineering & Mike at Clay Kart Shop for the donated prizes.
And as always - many thanks to Sallee, Luke, Joel, Simon, Nigel, Lee, Ian, Chris, Jamie R, and all the marshals.
Click to enlarge.