Friday, 20 September 2013

Some provisional stuff.

Provisional dates 2014.
1. 23rd March (3hr)
2. 27th April (3hr) 
3. 24th/25th May (EPEC 6hr)
4. 22nd June or 29th June (3hr)
5. 27th July or 3rd August (3hr)
6. 31st August (3hr)
7. 18th/19th October (EPEC 6hr)

The eagle eyed amongst you may have noticed that this is more rounds than previously stated.  Round 5 or Round 6 may disappear, or be replaced by one alternative date.
I'm sure you understand all this is provisional - but it shouldn't be too different.

Provisional entry fee.  (Rounds 1, 2, 4, 5 & 6) (includes race & qual. fuel) - £125.00
                                        (Rounds 3 & 7 - TBA - EPEC)

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Please include all relevant details - Team name, captain's name, contact details, preferred team number, kart make, etc (or whatever you know so far).

Provisional entrants.
Brody Composites
Emerald Cat Racing 
Jerky Boyz
Kevin Westbrook
Luke Massey
M.O.G. Racing
Morts Racing 
Prokart Eng.
Silver Fox Karting
Simon Duffett
Steve Grose
Steve Hendy
TGT Minstrels

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  1. Good news Tony, a few familiar names in there, really looking forward to this as are a lot of others I have talked to.