Monday, 24 March 2014

Round 1.

Endurance Prokart Series, Round One from Caitlin Lees Massey on Vimeo.

Pictures now uploaded with many thanks to Luke Massey - Click here

All the timing stuff, with more data than you can eat - Click here.

Series positions - on the right.

Congratulations to the top three, Autotekk, Balljoint & Prokart Eng.

Very hard luck to West Whiting Racing, who were going like a train from the get-go, and had to retire hurt.

Right through the field some great racing - including pretty much the first hour of nose to tail and position swapping between Grassroots & Star Ship Enterprise.

Great effort by FART in a kart that's older than me. Presumably the gold boots !

Why So Serious did a three-wheel-on-my-wagon bit, and still stayed in the hunt.

Team Gaffa endured a season's worth of problems in 3hrs and finished !

Hope mslaren can find the missing 0.5hp from somewhere !

Special mention to Star Ship Enterprise - massive shunt at the hairpin - back to the pits on the back of a truck - a Dennis-Moody-rally-service-area-miraculous-repair, got back out ............. and then I did him for being underweight !
Many thanks to Clay Kart Shop for donating the bumper bundle of useful stuff (brilliantly won by Kiss My Grass).
And to the Circuit for the Round 1 trophies.

When Luke Massey, our official snapper, has worked his way through the gazillion pics, they will be posted on -

Also, my chum Caitlin will be putting a short video together. This takes time, so please be patient.

Incidentally, both of them were disappointed that you didn't fall off enough !

I'd just like to add that without the Family Rennison's help and support, this series just wouldn't have happened.
Mentioned in dispatches - Jamie Robinson on the timing, (and in the ether) ......... and my lovely assistant Sallee.
Plus, many thanks to Steve Grose and Jeff Johnson for their invaluable aid, advice, and encouragement.


  1. The right crowd, and no crowding... except for that first lap, first corner!

  2. Hahaha "a season's worth of problems in 3hrs" sums up our Gaffaic struggulations...the upside is that we now know everything that is wrong with the kart and will be on it like a car bonnet for the April round! It's a long season and early days :-)