Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Endurance Prokart Series

There we are then folks - the 2017 season is off and running.
Some really great racing and lots of smiley faces with squinty eyes in the sunshine !

Loads of pics here.

A ridiculously close qualifying, with 14 karts within 1 second, and in the race, fastest laps of all karts within 1.2 seconds.

Jamie couldn't make it at the last minute, so Joe took Autotekk to a magnificent win - 3hrs is a long stint folks, not to be advised unless it's absolutely the last resort.
Jack and Andy (Titan Motorsport) were attached by a string to Lee, Steve and Dirt. Both teams flew for 3hrs, and it was nice to see the Balljoint boys smiling happily (rather than resignedly) for a change .
Rob, Gary and new boy Ethan in the Grassroots 7Kart XV, were solid, quick, safe, courteous, and all round good chaps.
As was the second of Jeffs Wright karts home, Happy Racing/AHL.
Reece continues to impress - really great to see another quick Dad & Lad team - is he quicker than you yet Marcus ?
Next dad & lad team home, was Brodys in their 7Kart. Steve and Leo were quick and organised as always. Question is, did Oska help or hinder ?
Just beating them home was another Prokart Eng Wright kart. Alan & Guy in AM-GP rightly pleased with their day's work !
Ben & Karl in WWF Racing's vintage 7Kart worked miracles to put in some stunning lap times - just shows what can be done with getting a kart 'right'.
Chris & Stewart in Mslaren, and Daren & Dan in Prawn GP both suffered from an early coming together due to someone else (ahem) doing a bit of a banzai up the inside into Billies. Hmmmm.
Simon, Jamie, Matt, Mark, Bri and Pete all threw in good times during the day - whilst constantly smiling. How do they do that ?
Now ......... watch the EPS rookies. They won't propping up the grid much longer. Great drives by the Barkers, Kieran, Nicholas, Jamie & Harry. Onwards and upwards guys.
Oh yeah, and my favourite old rockstar Julian kept calm under .... er .... some pressure.

One of our many unsung heroes - photographer Luke - had to leave early, so apologises for the lack of last-half  pics. He does it basically for petrol-money, and does a great job ..... so we'll let you off mate.
Many thanks also to Nigel for the faultless timing stuff, and calmly fixing the countdown-clock issue.

As always, many thanks to all the marshals ......... without whom etc.

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