Final Instructions/Timetable 5hr

Final Instructions/Timetable 
Sunday 27th August 2017
Please help us keep to schedule by being prompt, and keeping an ear open for PA announcements.
08.30 to 10.00 - Race Admin/Signing On/Scrutineering (during practice).
09.30 to 10.30 - Practice. Please ensure transponders are fitted.
10.15 - Fuel Bay open
10.35 - Drivers briefing (All team members to attend please).
10.45 to 11.15 - 30 minutes Qualifying - every lap timed.
11.50 - Fuel Bay closed.
11.55 - Form up in pitlane in grid order.
12.00 - (Rolling) race start - minimum two slow formation laps before flag.
12.30 - Fuel Bay re-open.
17.00 - Race finish
Presentations to follow (All team members to attend please).
Signing on - Please sign on for test and race at Race Control/Admin (NOT CPR reception)
Live Timing - or link from
Transponder - please have it mounted for morning practice. (available for hire from CPR).
Paddock - Driving karts highly discouraged - please push the kart, or use a trolley.
Pitlane - Please drive at walking pace at all times. There will be a 'chicane' 3/4 way down - all work/driver changes/etc to be done at weighbridge side ...... the pit exit side to be kept clear. If it is not absolutely necessary for you or team members to be in the pitlane - please hang-out elsewhere.
Race & Qualifying - Please make sure that you know the meaning of the different coloured flags. You must stop on the weighbridge every time you enter the pits during qualifying and the race. Please make sure that you are fully aware of the fuelling procedure. NB. If you don't take the chequered flag - you don't get points. Please see the regs, or ask, as to what constitutes a race finish.
Post Race/Parc-ferme - Please acquaint yourself with parc-ferme rules and conditions. If your kart is signalled into parc-ferme post-race, the Scrutineer (attended at his discretion by 2/3 invited Team Captains), may ask the team to disassemble (parts of) the engine(s), or kart, or may ask to check any other aspects of the Technical Regulations. Parts may be sent elsewhere (at your expense) for full inspection by Kelvin Nicholls (MSA Technical Commissioner).

If in doubt, please read the Rules/Regulations or ask.

CoC - Tony Lees. 
Series Scrutineers - Kelvin Nicholls, Tony Lees.
Race Admin - Sallee Lees
Timing - Nigel Payne, Jamie Robinson, Simon Whitty.
Official Photographer - Luke Massey
Official Filming Person - Caitlin Lees-Massey

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